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Outdoor playground equipment that’s more than just fun

You can always tell when a playground hits the mark.

A child sees the equipment and their eyes light up. They run down the colourful paths, laughing in anticipation, and then can’t quite decide what to try first.

That’s the kind of play area Aussie Outdoor Design creates.

Of course, play equipment isn’t just for fun. It’s also a great way to improve coordination, strength and flexibility – all of which is vital to children’s health and development.

Yes, you can have a play area that’s fun and functional!

Our team works with schools, councils, developers and other businesses to select the right equipment and design a play area that suits their needs, meets their budget, and exceeds their expectations.

Aussie Outdoor Design play areas can include:

  • Climbing equipment
  • Balance beams
  • Fitness equipment
  • Sensory panels
  • Water play and splash pads
  • Inclusive play equipment, and
  • Access ramps.


You’ll be rapt with the Raptor range

With a focus on fun and fitness, the Raptor range of playground and fitness equipment helps children develop physical coordination, strength and flexibility.

The range is manufactured to Australian Standard AS4685 specifications, and built to withstand not only the daily rigours of the playground, but also the harsh Australian environment.

Eenie meenie miney mo

Choosing the right equipment is only one part of creating a playground that really hits the mark.

Remember the eyes that light up and the laughter? To get that response you need appealing landscaping, colourful softfall and edging, and you need the ideas and expertise to get the most from your site.

For this, you need quality workmanship and solid project planning, as well as reliable, friendly and qualified installers and subcontractors.

You also need the equipment and the installation to comply with strict Australian standards and WHS regulations.

When you work with Aussie Outdoor Design you get the whole package. The result is a playground that will draw bright-eyed children and families back time and time again.



Playgrounds for schools: where fun and learning meet

Schools have become increasingly adventurous in the kinds of play equipment they install. Your vision and our ideas and expertise can be combined to create a play area that will be loved by generations of students.

  • Encourage healthy activity.
  • Improve strength and flexibility.
  • Strengthen social cohesion.
  • Encourage sharing and turn-taking.

Playgrounds for councils: a place to meet and play

Communities expect their council to provide modern, safe and fun play equipment in parks and reserves. With Aussie Outdoor Design<link to About> you can exceed your community’s expectations.

  • Great value for ratepayer money.
  • Encourage healthy communities.
  • Strengthen social cohesion.
  • Provide a space for people to meet and relax.
  • Fantastic value for ratepayer dollars.
  • Conform to your Community Plan and Delivery Program.

“Aussie Outdoor Design playgrounds are incredibly popular with both schools and councils. We work with our clients to ensure they get the best design for the space they have and for the community they serve.”

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Why choose Aussie Outdoor Design?

Aussie-made: Our top quality products and facilities meet Australian Standards and WHS requirements 7-year product warranty: With ongoing maintenance solutions and service
2-year workmanship guarantee: For your peace of mind Site-specific results: Your space will shine
Tamper-proof edges: Both durable and attractive Fully integrated design, delivery and installation: Our one-stop-shop offers convenience, seamless service and cost-effectiveness
Environmentally friendly: We recycle and use recycled materials Custom design: Turn your wish list into a much-loved space or place
Great value for money: For your ratepayers, your fundraising team or your wallet Government-approved contractors and KidSafe approved products: Because your wellbeing is ours
Certified softfall suppliers: Your athletes, students and community are our priority Friendly, qualified installers: Your good name and our good name go hand-in-hand
Pet-friendly products: Because what’s a public space without a pet?    
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