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Game on! Multisport Courts and Outdoor Gyms

Australians love sport, and schools and councils love Aussie Outdoor Design’s sport and multisport courts.

Sport courts are something we’ve specialised in since opening our business in 2005. So whether you need a soccer field, a tennis court or cricket pitch or a surface that will handle a whole range of different sports, our team can work with you to achieve the best solution.

Built to FIFA and IRB specifications

Our full-size sports fields are designed and delivered ‘from the ground up’. They’re built to FIFA and IRB specifications with impact absorbing under-layers, complete with drainage and lighting.

You can choose from a range of synthetic surface options, including:


Prime Time multisport courts

Schools, councils and developers get the most out of their space with our Prime Time range of sport fields and multisport court surfaces.

This robust and versatile range includes a great choice of line marking and surface colours. Prime Time multisport courts are designed and installed ‘from the ground up’, complete with drainage and lighting.

Fully-integrated facilities: when more is more

Councils, developers and communities are enthusiastic about our fully-integrated outdoor facilities. These wonderful installations combine multisport fields, gym and play equipment with creative landscaping and pathways that invite exploration, encourage healthy activity and bring communities together.

You be the judge. We’ll take you to look at one of our well-used and much-loved facilities. You can see how it all works, check out the quality of workmanship and get a handle of the benefits.



Everyone’s a winner

  • Superior, multi-functional designs: Yes, you can please all of the people all of the time!
  • Low maintenance: Relieve the pressure on staff and save time and money.
  • Multipurpose courts, tennis, basketball and netball: Value for money with solid use all year round.
  • Fields for cricket, futsal, soccer, rugby union, rugby league and more: Well-drained, durable and cost-effective solutions.

Multisport courts for councils: get your LGA moving

Councils and developers work hard to meet their community’s need for accessible recreation opportunities. Our team delivers world-class outdoor recreation and fitness solutions that not only meet, but actually exceed your Community Plan.

  • Facilities that encourage exercise and fun in a safe, inclusive environment.
  • Sport fields and courts that support club-level competition.
  • Low maintenance solutions relieve pressure on staff and save time and money.
  • Long record of positive community response exceeding expectations.


Multisport courts for schools: broaden your education

Sport is an important part of every school curriculum, and for good reason. But sporting fields take up space, which is often at a premium in schools. No matter how close your quarters, your students can try many different sports with a multisport court.

  • Combining many sports or games on one area helps control your school environment.
  • Sport courts encourage healthy activity.
  • A multipurpose court or sport field provides development pathways.
  • Can be installed under COLAs or in open areas.
  • Well drained and well lit, they can be hired out to local sporting clubs to boost your school’s budget.

Multisport courts offer incredible flexibility – think outside the square

There are so many options! You can line-mark large, open areas of synthetic grass to create smaller, across field courts for futsal games. More passive games can then be played on other open areas. Open areas can also be used for other sports, like soccer and rugby.

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Why choose Aussie Outdoor Design?

Aussie-made: Our top quality products and facilities meet Australian Standards and WHS requirements 7-year product warranty: With ongoing maintenance solutions and service
2-year workmanship guarantee: For your peace of mind Site-specific results: Your space will shine
Tamper-proof edges: Both durable and attractive Fully integrated design, delivery and installation: Our one-stop-shop offers convenience, seamless service and cost-effectiveness
Environmentally friendly: We recycle and use recycled materials Custom design: Turn your wish list into a much-loved space or place
Great value for money: For your ratepayers, your fundraising team or your wallet Government-approved contractors and KidSafe approved products: Because your wellbeing is ours
Certified softfall suppliers: Your athletes, students and community are our priority Friendly, qualified installers: Your good name and our good name go hand-in-hand
Pet-friendly products: Because what’s a public space without a pet?    
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