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Synthetic grass – top quality, low maintenance

Synthetic grass is an affordable, environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to natural turf. What’s more, our extensive range of durable Australian made synthetic grass has the look and feel of natural turf – it really has come a long way. You can transform high traffic or shady areas with synthetic grass, revitalising areas of your school, business or community facility. Synthetic grass is perfect for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Large open spaces
  • High traffic areas
  • Sport courts, and
  • Indoor areas.

No matter what kind or area you are looking to cover, Aussie Outdoor Design has the range, the ideas and the expertise to work with you.



Synthetic grass for schools: say goodbye to trip hazards

Kids are tough on grass. They run, slide, scramble and dig with little thought of wear and tear – and that’s just the way it should be!

  • You can have dirt patches and trip hazards covered, quite literally, with our durable and affordable synthetic grass.
  • Transform large open spaces or resurface a sports field.
  • Your fundraising and grant money will go further with our products.
  • Save money in the long term: compare the cost of our durable and low maintenance surfaces with regenerating and maintaining turfed areas – you’ll be amazed!


The stuff of dreams

The choices include synthetic grass and soft-impact granulated rubber surface.

It’s not only designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, but its bright colours and fun attractive designs make it perfect for playgrounds.

The range is complemented by low-cost thermoplastic playground markings that can regenerate asphalt or concrete areas. What’s more, they’re 30 times more durable than painted markings!

From alphabet grids to creative takes on hopscotch, counting games and more, the markings will be a magnet for children and teachers alike.



Synthetic grass for councils: a perfect match

Green spaces are vital for the wellbeing of your community, but high-traffic areas can be a nightmare for councils’ outdoor staff to maintain or regenerate.

Your resources won’t be stretched by our wide range of durable. Australian-made synthetic grass.

  • Has the look and feel of natural turf and drains well.
  • Transforms a tired outdoor area into a vibrant space, without putting pressure on over-stretched staff.
  • Neighbourhood renewal: our versatile surface breathes new life into established areas, activates the space and encourages dwelling time.
  • Great value for ratepayer dollars.
  • Saves time, water, energy and money.

Kids love our Dream Time range, which makes it perfect for schools. It’s a high quality and affordable surface in terms of both initial installation and ongoing maintenance.

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Why choose Aussie Outdoor Design?

Aussie-made: Our top quality products and facilities meet Australian Standards and WHS requirements 7-year product warranty: With ongoing maintenance solutions and service
2-year workmanship guarantee: For your peace of mind Site-specific results: Your space will shine
Tamper-proof edges: Both durable and attractive Fully integrated design, delivery and installation: Our one-stop-shop offers convenience, seamless service and cost-effectiveness
Environmentally friendly: We recycle and use recycled materials Custom design: Turn your wish list into a much-loved space or place
Great value for money: For your ratepayers, your fundraising team or your wallet Government-approved contractors and KidSafe approved products: Because your wellbeing is ours
Certified softfall suppliers: Your athletes, students and community are our priority Friendly, qualified installers: Your good name and our good name go hand-in-hand
Pet-friendly products: Because what’s a public space without a pet?    
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